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Working for an academic institution can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. DSU may have an open position within one of our offices or departments that could be the perfect fit for you.

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DickinsonDSU Heritage FoundationFWS - Foundation Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2021-03-29  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonFiduciary FundsIWS - Student Retire Center Worker / Dining AssistantPart-TimeStudent2021-06-07  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonTechnology Resource & EducatioFWS - ITS Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2022-06-02  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonInformation Technology ServiceFWS - DSULive Technical AssistantPart-TimeStudent2022-07-20  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAgricultureFWS - Agriculture/Rodeo Arena and Building Maintenance Worker Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2022-08-24  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonInstitutional Support (Gen)IWS - Student Retirement Center CaregiverPart-TimeStudent2022-09-06  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsGraduate Assistant Track & FieldPart-TimeStudent2022-11-09  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonInformation Technology ServiceFWS - ITS Student TechnicianPart-TimeStudent2023-05-09  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAcademic Success CenterFWS - Student Peer TutorPart-TimeStudent2023-05-11  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonEnrollment ManagementGraduate Assistant - AdmissionsPart-TimeStudent2023-06-15 2023-08-0100MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonInstruction (General)Adjunct FacultyPart-TimeRegular2023-06-19  6501050MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonMath & Computer ScienceComputer Science Faculty (rank dependent upon education and experience)Full-TimeRegular2023-06-27 2023-08-145750062500MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonTeacher EducationFWS - Student Reading TutorPart-TimeStudent2023-07-12  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonStoxen LibraryFWS - Student Library ClerkPart-TimeStudent2023-07-13  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonTheodore Roosevelt CenterFWS - TR Center Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-01  00MORE INFO & APPLY
BismarckFine ArtsIWS - Student Accompanist Private LessonsPart-TimeStudent2023-08-04  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsFWS - Athletic Training Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-04  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsFWS - Sports Information - Game Day Student WorkerPart-TimeStudent2023-08-18  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonMusicFWS - Student Pep BandPart-TimeStudent2023-08-22  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonMusicIWS - Pep Band MemberPart-TimeStudent2023-08-22  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonMulticultural AffairsFWS - Shooting Sports Team Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-23  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAcademic RecordsFWS - Academic Records Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-23  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonInstruction (General)Adjunct Instructor for Mathematics coursesPart-TimeRegular2023-09-26  6501050MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonTR Leadership ProgramFWS - Student Assistant to a Faculty MemberPart-TimeStudent2023-08-24  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsFWS - Athletic Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-24  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsGraduate Assistant Coach Men's WrestlingPart-TimeRegular2023-08-25  150150MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAgricultureFWS - Rodeo Office Worker Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-08-29  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAgricultureFWS - Student Welding WorkerPart-TimeStudent2023-08-29  1212MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsFWS - Cheer Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-09-08  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonDSU Heritage FoundationIWS - Foundation Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-09-19  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAcademic Success CenterIWS - Student Peer TutorPart-TimeStudent2023-11-13  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonMail ServicesFWS - Mailroom Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2023-12-01  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsTemporary Bus DriverPart-TimeRegular2023-12-12  160160MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsGraduate Assistant FootballPart-TimeRegular2023-12-14  500500MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonDSU Heritage FoundationGraduate Assistant DSU Heritage Foundation Annual Fund & DevelopmentPart-TimeRegular2023-12-22  750750MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAgricultureFWS - Ag Office Student AssistantPart-TimeStudent2024-01-23  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonStoxen LibraryPart-time Library ClerkPart-TimeRegular2024-02-06  1518MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonUniversity RelationsGraduate Assistant - University RelationsPart-TimeStudent2024-02-21  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonLiterature and LanguageSchool of Professional Studies (SoPS) CoordinatorFull-TimeRegular2024-02-29  4000044000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsGraduate Assistant Strength & ConditioningPart-TimeRegular2024-04-12 2024-08-0110001000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsGraduate Assistant Sports Information & Game Day ManagementPart-TimeRegular2024-04-12  10001000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonLiterature and LanguageMusic Education faculty/Band Director (non-tenure track, rank dependent upon education and experience)Full-TimeRegular2024-04-16  5000055000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonBusiness & EntrepreneurshipFaculty for the School of Business & Entrepreneurship (non-tenure track, rank dependent upon education and experience)Full-TimeRegular2024-04-23 2024-08-195000055000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonPhysical PlantCustodiansFull-TimeRegular2024-04-29  3800040000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonEnrollment ManagementAdmissions CounselorsFull-TimeRegular2024-05-03  3600040000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonPhysical PlantPart-time Facility Operations AssistantPart-TimeRegular2024-05-09  1717MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsSanford Sports Complex Concessions SupervisorPart-TimeRegular2024-05-10  1515MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsSanford Sports Complex Concessions WorkerPart-TimeRegular2024-05-10  1010MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonNursingNursing Simulation TechnicianPart-TimeRegular2024-05-13 2024-07-152525MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonUniversity RelationsIWS/FWS - University Relations Student Assistant(s)Part-TimeStudent2024-05-16  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonVPIWS/FWS - Student Assistant Office of the ProvostPart-TimeStudent2024-05-16  00MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsFootball Camp WorkerPart-TimeRegular2024-05-172024-06-09 1010MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonDSU Heritage FoundationGraduate Assitantship - Esports Operations AssistantPart-TimeRegular2024-05-20  250250MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsAssistant Coach, Men's Basketball/Game Day ManagerFull-TimeRegular2024-05-19 2024-08-013600036000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsAssistant Coach for Women’s Volleyball/Game Day AdministratorFull-TimeRegular2024-05-19  3600036000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonAthleticsAssistant Coach for Women’s Basketball/Game Day ManagerFull-TimeRegular2024-05-19  3600036000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonBusiness & EntrepreneurshipDean for the School of Business and Entrepreneurship/Faculty (rank dependent upon education and experience)Full-TimeRegular2024-05-20  8000089500MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonPhysical PlantHeat Plant OperatorFull-TimeRegular2024-05-20  4000045000MORE INFO & APPLY
DickinsonNursingNursing Faculty (non-tenure track with rank dependent upon education and experience)Full-TimeRegular2024-05-21  5000055000MORE INFO & APPLY