Faculty Senate 2012-2013

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Faculty Senate Meeting Dates:
The DSU Faculty Senate meets on the third Thursday of each month, at noon (note the exceptions). The meetings will take place in Klinefelter Hall, Room 107.


September 20

October 18

November 15

December 6 (We meet on the first Thursday instead of the third).


January 17

February 21

March 21

April 18

May 2 (We meet on the first Thursday instead of the third).

Additional meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Senate members.


Executive Committee Meetings: Meetings held on Thursdays at 12:00 noon, in the Student Center's cafeteria (upstairs)
The executive committee is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and the two At-large Senators.


September 13

October 11

November 8

December 6 (We meet on the first Thursday instead of the third).


January 10

February 14

March 7

April 11

April 25

Faculty Senate Membership 2012-2013

College of Arts and Sciences

Fine and Performing Arts

Marilyn Lee

Language and Literature

Michael Cartmill

Mathematics and Computer Science

Billy Harris


Brian Nozny

Natural Sciences

Ken Pierce

Social Sciences

Fernando Quijano

At Large

Corinne Brevik



College of Education, Business, and Applied Sciences

Agriculture and Technical Studies

Doug King

Business and Management

Charles Conrick

Health and Physical Education

Dave Moody


Cheryl Lantz

Teacher Education

Suzanne Russ

At Large

Scott Hanson

Ex Officio Members

University President

D.C. Coston

Student Senate Representative

Jennifer Lundemo

Executive Committee


Fernando Quijano

Vice President

Cheryl Lantz


Brian Nozny


Scott Hanson


Corinne Brevik


Concerns for 2012-2013

During our first meeting, we outlined the following issues for discussion:

  1. Review of all new courses by Curriculum Council
  2. Imposition of limits on excused absences, special policy for courses with lab
  3. Disclosure of all agreements with external constituents
  4. Reexamination of faculty handbook dates for evaluation of chairs/faculty
  5. Clarify dissemination and use of grade distributions
  6. Reexamine faculty evaluation and reward system
  7. Discussion of peer evaluations and consideration of chair rotations
  8. Plan for legislative session 2012-2013:  formulate growth strategy and plans for academic/capital improvements
  9. Document faculty/student success stories
  10. Dual credit
  11. Concern with the cost of living and faculty housing.


Agenda 8-16-12

Agenda 9/20/12

Agenda 10/18/12

Agenda 11/15/12

Agenda 12/6/12


Agenda 1-17-13

Agenda 2-21-13

Agenda 3-21-13

Agenda 4-18-13

Agenda for all-faculty meeting 4-25-13

Faculty Senate Minutes for 5-3-12

Faculty Senate Minutes for 8-16-12

Faculty Senate Minutes for 9-20-12

Faculty Senate Minutes for 10-18-12

Faculty Senate Minutes for 11-15-12

Faculty Senate Minutes for 12-6-12 (Draft) (Attachment A, Attachment B)

Faculty Senate Minutes for 1-17-13

Faculty Senate Minutes for 2-21-13

Faculty Senate Minutes for 3-21-13; Handout A; Handout B; Handout C; Handout D; Handout E; Handout F; Handout G

Curriculum changes, 4-11-13


Councils and committees 2013-2014 (updated 04 18 13)

The all-faculty meeting will take place on April 25th, 2013

Summary of the work of the Senate, 2012-2013

Webpage for Faculty Senate document storage and retreival.

Reexamination of faculty handbook dates for evaluation of chairs as they relate to evaluations of faculty.

Motion SR: I move that curriculum council addresses (a) faculty (not just chair) approval of dual credit and extended learning faculty, and (b) mentoring of dual credit and extended learning faculty instructors by faculty on campus. BH: Second

Motion SR: Faculty senate requests that Dr. Pemberton to bring to VPAA Deans and Chairs Council two questions (a) Can faculty assist with and provide consultation in hiring decisions for adjunct, extended learning, and dual credit instructors?, and (b) Should we consider having faculty serve as mentors for those individuals? Second by Billy H. Motion carries unanimously.

MOTION: DK moves to ask the Policy Council to look at (a) adjunct hiring and evaluation processes and (b) faculty evaluation of chairs. DM seconds. Motion carried unanimously.

Brevik moved that the documents “Adjunct Policy Working Draft” (Attachment A) and “Adjunct Faculty Appointment” (Attachment B) be submitted to VPAA Council as working documents for additional comments and suggestions. Lantz seconded.  No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Lantz moved that Faculty Senate send “Faculty Compensation” (Attachment C) and “Compensation Recommendations” (Attachment D) to Dr. Coston for his consideration to be potentially shared with legislators and released to NDPEA. Lee seconded. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Imposition of limits on excused absences (Tim Daniel)

Curriculum Council (CC) Deadlines (McBee; revised form

Equity:  Load balances and compensation issues (Russ)

Faculty Awards system (Hanson) (Work in progress)

Daycare on DSU campus (Russ, Lundemo) (Work in progress)

MOTION: C. Brevik moved to approve the recommendations regarding commencement attendance stated in Handout A.  Motion seconded by M. Cartmill

MOTION: C. Lantz moved that Faculty Senate recommend to the VPAA office that DSU support and apply the current SBHE early retirement policy defined in SBHE Policies, Section 703.1.  Seconded by M. Lee. Retirement/buyout policy (Guest: Dr. Jim McWilliams)

Future of DSU: (Quijano, Conrick) : MOTION: C. Brevik amended her motion as follows: Faculty Senate will write a joint letter from Faculty, Student, and Staff Senates to (a) seek information on the questions in Handout E and (b) be informed of the process through which these decisions are made.  Harris seconded.

MOTION: C. Brevik moved to support facilities’ efforts to replace the desks with newer student-friendly chairs and desks. M. Cartmill seconded.

Office hours (Pemberton) See “Handout F – Office Hours Proposal.”