††††††† If one goes back to the year 1847 in Ireland what would you think it would be like?Healthy people, green and lush vegetation?Think again!During this period it was known as the Irish Famine.Your job if you choose to accept it is to find out what the Irish Famine is, why it occurred, what are some possible solutions, and what did we learn from it so that it would not happen again.





††††††† Your task for this mission is to go back in time and find out what actually happened during the Irish Famine, how the people reacted during this time, what was done to correct the problem, and what we have learned from this tragedy.†† When you travel back to todayís date you will need to prepare the information that you have gathered to appear on a talk show entitled, Then and Now, The Irish Famine.




1.      You will be assigned to a group of four students.

2.     Each student will choose a role for the mission to be completed.

a.Anthropologist-†††† This person needs to study the effects the Irish Famine had on the Irish people, including farmers, English lords, peasants, and merchants.

b.Agriculturist-††††††† This person will be studying the agriculture in Ireland before, during and after the Irish Famine.


c.Farmer-††††††††††††††† This person will tell about life before the Famine.He/She will be able to discuss his hardships and what he learned from living through this horrible experience.


d.Host-†††††††††††††††††† This person is the host of Then and Now, The Irish Famine TV talk show.He/she is in charge of making sure the group stays on task and preparing questions to ask when the show airs.They will have to know about the Famine so they can ask the panel appropriate and insightful questions.


3.     Each student will record their findings and thoughts about the††††

Irish Famine in their own Mission Journal.


4.     Once you have collected and recorded all the information in

your Mission Journal, you will meet with members of other groups who have the same role as you, and you can compare information to be sure everyone has the necessary facts.


5.     Play some games that will check your understanding of the

Irish Famine.


6.     You will appear on Then and Now, The Irish Famine TV talk

show and demonstrate your knowledge about the information you have collected during your mission.



Internet sites:


Boston Irish Famine Memorial



The Great Irish Famine



Irish Famine



Electronic Encyclopedia



Potato Information &FAQ: History and Origin of the Potato



Irish Views of the Famine






Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America

††††††† by Kerby A. Miller


The Irish Famine

††††††† by Peter Gray and Sarah Burns


The Irish Famine: The Birth of Irish America

††††††† by Tony Allan


Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine

††††††† by Susan Campbell Bantaletti


The Great Irish Potato Famine

††††††† by James S. Donnelly Jr.


The Irish Potato Famine Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications

††††††† by Carole Gallagher


Irish Hunger: Exploring the Legacy of the Potato Famine

††††††† by Tom Hayden




*Word Find

*Memory Game

*Flash Cards








Name: ________________________


Date : ___________________

Title of Work: ___________________










Mission Journal Entries

Mission Journal partially completed with only one or two facts to support assigned role.

Mission Journal partially completed with a few facts to support assigned role.

Mission Journal partially completed with some facts to support assigned role.

Mission Journal completed with many facts to support assigned role.


Participation in Panel Discussion

Does not participate in the discussion or does not know answers to topics presented.

Minimum of participation in the discussion, or states facts inaccurately.

Participates in the discussion with some prompting, with several accurate facts.

Eagerly participates in the discussion with many accurate facts.



Only gets three or fewer answers correct.

Misses several questions.

Answers all but one or two questions correctly.

Answers all questions correctly.


Group Participation

Cannot stay on task without teacher reminder; a source of conflict within the group.

Stays on task most of the time, but has trouble working with the group.

Stays on task, works well in the group, only requiring teacher assistance in resolving conflicts once or twice.

Works congenially with classmates, assisting others when necessary, and resolving any conflicts without the teacher.














Teacher Comments:




Individual Self Evaluation:


1.      How actively were you involved in the success of your groupís mission?






2.     Did you feel you spent ample amount of time researching the information for your character?Explain.






3.     If you could go back and re-do this project, what would you do differently?What would you keep the same?






4.     If you have any other comments, they go here!










††† You have now completed your mission successfully!!!!Since you have reached this point, you have found out information about how life was during this period and what future generations learned from the Irish Famine so that it would not happen again.As one can see, we learn from the mistakes of others.