Myron Berg's Assembly Language number input and output

Simple input and output in assembly language for floating point and integer double word sized values.

Below is a file which illustrates floating point and integer input and output.

  • TryNum.exe

    The assembly language code for the program is found below. It uses procedures that I created called ftoa, atof, itoa, and atoi.
    I know they are not very refined and well documented yet. I hope to get that accomplished someday. They allow easy demonstration and use by assembly language classes of floating point input and output.

    You will have to copy and paste the following code into an ascii files. Save them using .ASM extensions.

    Updated 5/21/99

  • Code for TryNum.asm

  • Code for Numbers.asm

  • Code for Number.asm

  • Code for Macros2.asm

    Assemble the files TryNum.asm and Numbers.asm. (Don't asseble the files Number.asm and Macros2.asm. They are used by an include statement inthe TryNum.asm file)

    Link the files TryNum+Numbers.

    Then you should be able to run the executable file TryNum.

    Below is a program I wrote which uses the pc speaker to simulate harmony. It allows multiple simultaneous keys to be pressed.

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