Welcome to DSU! You have enrolled in an outstanding nursing program and have chosen to be part of an excellent profession.

What exactly is NSA? 

  • NSA is a pre-professional organization designed for pre-nursing and nursing students who want to get a head start and become involved in nursing activities.

What does NSA do?

  • NSA plans a fall picnic for all pre-nursing and nursing students. The picnic is to welcome everyone to DSU and encourage involvement in NSA. Friends and family are welcome to come!
  • NSA sponsors two to three blood drives a year. These are usually slated for one in the fall and two in the spring. The blood drives take place in the Student Center ballroom of the DSU campus. The blood drives are directed by United Blood Services with the help of NSA members.
  • NSA is active in various community service activities including assisting at flu vaccination clinics, preparing flu kits for the Student Health Center, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and body mass index (BMI) screenings, Angel Tree gift donations, preparing soup Kitchen suppers, and fund raising events held both off and on campus.
  • NSA members are participants in the yearly Nurse Camp held on campus where 5th and 6th grade students from Dickinson and surrounding communities experience being a nurse for a day!
  • NSA sponsors a homecoming float in the DSU homecoming parade and members participate along with other campus organizations in all homecoming activities.
  • NSA plans events throughout the year for all pre-nursing and nursing students to have a chance to gather.
  • NSA is a local, state, and national organization. There are many opportunities to attend state and national conventions for NSA. Students who are able to attend these conventions have the experience of gathering with other nursing students from across the state or the country and actively discuss issues related to nursing.

How does NSA benefit me?

  • NSA provides opportunities to become involved in nursing at both state and national levels. NSA gives the nursing student a voice in the nursing profession and teaches students the importance of taking a stand for their chosen profession. One of the greatest benefits is being able to meet and network with other nursing students.


How can I get involved?

  • NSA members will come to every nursing class the first week or so in the fall semester. Members will tell students when and where the first meeting will take place and invite them to attend so they can find out more information about the organization. Memberships are available on-line at www.nsna.org. If a new member has completed the membership form by October 1st, there is a $5 discount.

When are meetings held?

  • Meetings are held once a month with the dates and times determined at the first meeting of the year. Meetings are set to accommodate the majority of the student’s busy schedules and are usually held at noon. Students often bring their lunches to eat during the meetings.

College Credit

  • Being a member of NSA allows an opportunity to earn college credit. Pre-professional Activities is an elective that nursing students and pre-nursing students can enroll in. Students must participate in NSA activities to receive “points”; one point is equal to one hour of participation. Once the student has earned 10 points, they are eligible for a grade of satisfactory (S) in their respective course. Students earning <10 points will earn a grade of Unsatisfactory (U). Pre-professional activities can be enrolled in during spring semester only but points are accrued during fall and spring semester activities.
  • Students enroll in the following courses as appropriate:
    • First year Nursing Student                      NURS 188
    • Second Year Nursing Student                NURS 288
    • Third Year Nursing Student                    NURS 388
    • Fourth Year Nursing Student                  NURS 488


Contact advisors Janis Neumann at 701-483-2871 or Marlys Bachamp at 701-483-2516. Feel free to contact any NSA member also! NSA is a great organization for anyone going into nursing!

Involvement in NSA pre-professional activities looks great on a graduate’s transcript!