Inactive Classes
Subject Catalog Descr Descr Course ID Institution Status
ACCT 306 Cost Accounting II A Continuation Of The Study Of Accounting Implications In Managerial Decisions. Emphasis Will Be On Cost Allocation, Process Costing, And Capital Budgeting.   DSU01 I
ARSC 336L Range Planning Lab Course Involves Completing An Actual Range Management Plan For A Ranching Operation, Including Planning Maps, Soils Inventory, Initial Stocking Rates Based On Nrsc Guidelines.   DSU01 I
ART 312 Life Drawing     DSU01 I
ART 313 Drawing III Advanced Study Of One Or More Drawing Media With Continued Refinement Of Techniques Developed In Previous Courses. Students Will Work Toward The Expression Of A Personal Style.   DSU01 I
ART 325 DS - Watermedia III DS - Watermedia III   DSU01 I
BIOL 425 Animal Behavior Deals With The Social Interactions Of Animals. Intraspective And Interspective Relationships Are Examined With Emphaisis Onteh Physiological, Social, Ecological, And Evolutionary Processes.   DSU01 I
CSCI 170B Adv. Programming In Visual Bas Problem Solving And Algorithm Development.   DSU01 I
ELED 282 Adv Reading For Elem Teacher Listed As Eled 282   DSU01 I
ENGL 110B College Composition I English Act Score 21 And Above  /  See University Catalog        For A Detailed Course Description.   DSU01 I
FIN 150 Electronic Investing The course covers the basics of investing, types of stocks, terminology, mutual funds, the stock markets and how to invest in retirement plans.  The course introduces the framework of different investment strategies with the techniques of using the World Wide Web to do research and trade.  The emphasis will be on familiarizing students with the many Internet resources for research and assemble a successful portfolio.   DSU01 I
GEOG 200 Cultural Geography See University Catalog For A Detailed Course Description.   DSU01 I
HIST 320 Economic Hist Of United States See University Catalog For A Detailed Course Description.   DSU01 I
PSYC 270 Behavior Analysis Examines The Theoretical And Experimental Bases Of Learning In Animal And Human Behavior.   DSU01 I
PSYC 350 Learning Disabilities A Comprehensive Review Of The Field Is Provided Including Definition, Diagnostic Criteria, Assessment, Theories Of Causality, Symptomology, And Characteristics As Well As Remedial Techniques.   DSU01 I
PSYC 420 Group Processes The Course Focuses On The Genesis, Dynamics, And Outcomes Of Small Group Interactions With Emphasis Placed On The Therapeutic Group Process.   DSU01 I
SOC 350 Develop Of Sociological Theori See University Catalog For A Detailed Course Description.   DSU01 I
SOC 380 Medical Sociology See University Catalog For A Detailed Course Description.   DSU01 I
SPAN 295 Service Learning Credit May Be Granted For Sertain Extra-Curricular Activities Forwhich There Is A Direct Connection And Correlation Between The Activity And  The Academic Objectives Ofa Specific Course In The Univ   DSU01 I