Active Classes
Subject Catalog Descr Descr Course ID Institution Status
1165 486 Forages & Forage Systems     DSU01 A
ACCT 102 Fundamentals of Accounting Introduces financial statements and other accounting information to make personal and business decisions.  Not available to business majors, accounting majors, and accounting minors.   DSU01 A
ACCT 200 Elements Of Accounting I Basic Principles Of The Complete Accounting Cycle.   DSU01 A
ACCT 201 Elements Of Accounting II Special Emphasis On Corporate Accounting And The Use Of Accounting Information By Managers.   DSU01 A
ACCT 210 Accounting Club Provides the opportunity for students to learn networking skills essential for accounting majors, to use their skills in a practical setting and strengthen their relationships with teh business community.  The club is for any student who is enrolled as an accounting major or minor or considering becoming an accounting major or minor.   DSU01 A
ACCT 213 Beginning Accounting     DSU01 A
ACCT 297 Accounting Internship Student will be placed in an off-campus company or agency which will provide the student with specific activities which will demonstrate the correlation between academic study and an actual work experience.  The number of credits will be determined by the length of teh internship and the hours worked.   DSU01 A
ACCT 299 Special Topics A Uniquely Designed Advanced Topics Course Within A Specific Discipline Or Readings In Educational And Various Specific Professional Publications And Journals Related To A Specific Discipline   DSU01 A
ACCT 301 Computerized Accounting Students Learn How To Use Accounting Software To Journalize, Post, Print Reports, Print Financial Statements, And Find And Correct Posting Errors. Pre-req: ACCT 200 - Elements of Accounting I.   DSU01 A
ACCT 305 Cost Accounting A Study Of Accounting Information As A Management Decision Tool. The Course Focuses No The Manufacturing Environment, But There Is Some Coverage Of Merchandising And Service Sectors.   DSU01 A
ACCT 310 Government & Nonprofit Acct Provides An Overview Of Accounting For Non-Profit Entities. Accounting And Reporting For Governement And Not-For-Profit Entities.   DSU01 A
ACCT 315 Business Law I Introduces The Student To The Legal Environment And Examines The Law Of Contracts And Properties.   DSU01 A
ACCT 316 Business Law II Emphasis Is On The Uniform Commercial Code, Business Associationsdebtor-Creditor Relaitons, And Employment Law.   DSU01 A
ACCT 331 Intermediate Accounting I An Intensive Study Of Financial Accounting Theory And Practical Applications As It Relates To The Preparation And Analysis Of Financial Statements.,   DSU01 A
ACCT 332 Intermediate Accounting II Special Accounting Application As To Preparation And Analysis Of Financial Statements.   DSU01 A
ACCT 333 Income Tax I A Detailed Study Of Federal Tax Law As Applied To Individual Tax Preparation.   DSU01 A
ACCT 334 Income Tax II An Advanced Study Of Tax Topics For Corporations, Partnerships, Gift Taxes, And Estate Taxes.   DSU01 A
ACCT 335 Income Tax Preparation - VITA IRS program providing income tax preparation services for certain individuals.  As part of the class, students will demonstrate a knowledge of income taxes and prepare tax returns for students and other qualified individuals.  Pre-req: ACCT 333 - Income Tax I.   DSU01 A
ACCT 351 Fraud Examination An introduction to fraud and an overview of the fraud problem. Covers fraud prevention and detection, the various elements of fraud investigation, and the various types of fraud.  Pre-req: ACCT 201 - Elements of Accounting II.   DSU01 A
ACCT 353 Government & Nonprofit Acct Is Now Course Acct 310   DSU01 A
ACCT 370 Managerial Accounting     DSU01 A
ACCT 390 Auditing     DSU01 A
ACCT 395 Auditing     DSU01 A
ACCT 399 Special Topics In Accounting     DSU01 A
ACCT 406 Advanced Accounting A Study Of Specialized Problems In Accounting. The Course Addresses Accounitng For Partnerships, Branches, And Business Combinations.   DSU01 A
ACCT 407 Auditing A Comprehensive Course Introducing The Fundamental Concepts Of Auditing.   DSU01 A
ACCT 408 CPA Review Regulation Topics covered include advanced business law, federal taxation, ethics, professional and legal responsibilities.  For the student who intends to sit for the CPA examination.   DSU01 A
ACCT 409 CPA Review Fin. Acct. & Report Topics covered include generally accepted accounting principles for business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations and governmental entities.  For the student who intended to sit for the CPA Examination.   DSU01 A
ACCT 410 CPA Review - Audit Topics covered include auditing procedures and generally accepted auditing standard. For the student who intends to sit for the CPA examination.   DSU01 A
ACCT 411 CPA Review Bus Environ Concept Topics covered include general business concepts that are required in order to understand the underlying business reasons for accounting implications of business transactions.  For the student who intends to sit for the CPA examination.   DSU01 A
ACCT 412 Audit II Continuation of ACCT 407 Auditing I.  The comprehensive course addresses the fundamental concepts of auditing, including audit program design, the public accounting environment, the audit report, professional ehtics, and related matters. Pre-req: ACCT 407 - Auditing.   DSU01 A
ACCT 420 Accounting Information Systems Accounting Information Systems is a survey of current software used in accounting. The software covered will include software used for financial and tax research, spreadsheets and basic accounting software.   DSU01 A
ACCT 421 Forensic Accounting An introduction to Forensic Accounting concepts. Will include an overview of advanced fraud topics, business valuation, and litigation support provided by accountants.  This class will focus on the services that accountants perform in the legal enviornment, the reporting process and professional testimony.  Pre-requisite:  ACCT 351 - Fraud Examination.   DSU01 A
ACCT 422 Business Valuation An introduction to Business Valuation concepts.  Will include the basic principles and techniques employed by business valuation specialists.  Pre-req: FIN 326 - Managerial Finance and ACCT 406 - Advanced Accounting.   DSU01 A
ACCT 430 Advanced Accounting Changed To Acct 431 - 2-22-82   DSU01 A
ACCT 431 Advanced Accounting Changed From Acct 430 - 2-22-82   DSU01 A
ACCT 432 Advanced Accounting Courses Added 2-22-82   DSU01 A
ACCT 492 Experimental Course A Unique Class Designed By The Instructor And/Or Department, Not Currently Listed In The University Catalog.   DSU01 A
ACCT 493 Peer Tutoring Students May Earn Credits By Tutoring. Students Should Contact   Student Support Services.   DSU01 A
ACCT 494 Independent Study Independent Study Or Undergraduate Research Not Listed As Regularcourse In University Catalog.   DSU01 A
ACCT 495 Service Learning Credit May Be Granted For Sertain Extra-Curricular Activities Forwhich There Is A Direct Connection And Correlation Between The Activity And  The Academic Objectives Ofa Specific Course In The Univ   DSU01 A
ACCT 497 Accounting Internship Student will be placed in an off-campus company or agency which will provide the student with specific activities that will demonstrate teh correlation between academic study and an actual work experience.  The number of credits will be determined by the length of the intership and the hours worked.   DSU01 A
ACCT 499 Special Topics In Accounting A Uniquely-Designed Advanced Topic Course Within A Specific Discipline. Readings In Educational And Various Specific Professional And Journals Related To A Specific Academic Discipline.   DSU01 A
AGEC 142 Agricultural Accounting An Introduction To The Preparation Of Farm Records And Financial Statements For Use In Business Analysis.   DSU01 A
AGEC 244 Intro To Agricultural Marketin A Study Of The Agricultural Marketing System To Include Cash Marketing, Commodity Futures Trading, Branded Products Merchandising And The Interrelationships Of The Govt And International Trade.   DSU01 A
AGEC 246 Intro To Agricultural Finance Introductiont O Agricultural Finance; Provides Background Infarm And Agri-Business Credit Use And Evaluation. Discussion Of Specific Financialconditions On Farms And In Agri-Business.   DSU01 A
AGEC 342 Intro To Agricultural Mgmt Economic And Managerial Concepts Related To Farm Or Agri-Businessproduction Process Development Or Cost Data, Enterprise Analysis, Organization, And Management Of Production Inputs.   DSU01 A
AGEC 374 Cooperatives Theory, Practice, And Evaluation Of Cooperatives Including Principles, Management, Marketing, Finance, Taxes, Legal Issues , And Adjusting To Change.   DSU01 A
AGEC 375 Applied Agricultural Law Study Of Laws Affecting Agriculture And Agri-Business Including Property Ownership, Financial Relations, And Environmental Regulation.   DSU01 A
AGEC 387 Commodity Futures & Options Fundamental And Technical Aspects Of The Futures Market Including Charting, Trends And Signals, And The Use Of Options.   DSU01 A
AGEC 399 Special Topics In Agriculture     DSU01 A
AGR 231 Interior Landscaping     DSU01 A
AGR 249 Light Horse Management Changed To Agr 235 971   DSU01 A
AGR 296D Agr Management Internship Dropped 11/20/89   DSU01 A
AGR 340 Animal Breeding Combined Agr 145 & Agr 340 To Agr 248  2-22-88   DSU01 A
AGR 377 Agricultural Machinery Added 1-18-88  Dropped 11/20/89   DSU01 A
AGR 496D Agr Management Internship     DSU01 A
AGRI 110 Agricultural Seminar     DSU01 A
AGRI 114 Agricultural Math     DSU01 A
AGRI 115 Agricultural Math Students Will Apply Practical Math Skills To Master Mathematical Concepts Intrinsic To Producing, Processing, And Marketing Agricultural Products.   DSU01 A
AGRI 116 Agricultural Leadership     DSU01 A
AGRI 118 Agr Leadership Practicum Active Participation In Ag Club Will Enhance Leadership, Employment, And Organizational Skills.   DSU01 A
AGRI 121 Crop Production     DSU01 A
AGRI 141 Introduction To Animal Science     DSU01 A
AGRI 145 Livestock Selection     DSU01 A
AGRI 147 Animal Health Changed To Agri 347 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 160 Agricultural Chemicals     DSU01 A
AGRI 161 Introduction To Agribusiness     DSU01 A
AGRI 170 General Farm Shop     DSU01 A
AGRI 171 Welding     DSU01 A
AGRI 174 Electricity Changed To Agri 374 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 181 Farm Records Combined Farm Records I & Ii - 3 Cr Ea - 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 182 Farm Records II Combined Farm Records I & Ii - 3 Cr Ea To Farm Records I - 5 Cr On   12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 185 Farm Finance Changed To Agri 285 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 205 First Aid     DSU01 A
AGRI 225 Forage Crops     DSU01 A
AGRI 226 Grain Crops     DSU01 A
AGRI 240 Animal Breeding Changed To Agri 340 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 241 Animal Nutrition     DSU01 A
AGRI 242 Problems In Livestock Producti Changed To Agri 442 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 244 Light Horse Management     DSU01 A
AGRI 246 Beef Production Changed To Agri 446 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 249 Dairy Production Changed To Agri 449 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 251 Introduction To Soil Science     DSU01 A
AGRI 252 Soil Fertility And Fertilizers Changed To Agri 352 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 259 Surveying     DSU01 A
AGRI 262 Agribusiness Sales & Promotion     DSU01 A
AGRI 263 Agribusiness Management Changed From 3 Cr Hr - 2-9-82 - Changed To Agri 363 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 270 Agricultural Surveying     DSU01 A
AGRI 272 Equipment Maintenance & Repair     DSU01 A
AGRI 274 Farm Utilities     DSU01 A
AGRI 275 Agricultural Structures     DSU01 A
AGRI 280 Computers In Agriculture An Introduction To The Vast Array Of Computer Technology, Internet Usage, And Software Directly Related To Agriculture.   DSU01 A
AGRI 284 Principles Of Farm Management Combined With Agri 287 - 3 Cr Ea & Changed To Agri 387 For 5 Cr On   12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 285 Farm Finance Changed From Agri 185 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 286 Marketing Agricultural Product Changed To Agri 386 On 12-7-82   DSU01 A
AGRI 287 Farm And Ranch Planning Combined Agri 284 & 287 - 3 Cr Ea & Changed To Agri 387 For 5 Cr     12-7-82   DSU01 A